Teaching Diplomacy at Eckerd College


With twenty-five years of experience as a Foreign Service officer and an additional twenty years as a college instructor, Eckerd College Diplomat in Residence Donna Oglesby is a firm believer in the value of simulations in the classroom. “Practitioners are granular. They want to get down into the weeds in the real world and come out of the abstraction of the academic realm,” she says. “Case studies give you that because they play to your strength—you’ve been there, done that. And you can bring that into the classroom.” For that reason, Oglesby found Model Diplomacy’s multimedia cases and adaptability to be especially rich material for fellow practitioners turned educators. “It’s right up their alley.”

A serendipitous meeting with The Council on Foreign Relations academic outreach staff at the International Studies Association conference in Baltimore in February 2017, led to an interview about my teaching of their Model Diplomacy Case material. The interview text went live on the CFR website yesterday. 

Illustrated with some great photos taken by Eckerd IRGA graduating senior Rob Weigel, the expansive interview offered me an opportunity to share some thoughts on pedagogy developed over twenty years of teaching in an undergraduate classroom. This semester marks the end of that joyful experience. I’ll be giving away the mini-whiteboards and hanging up the dry erase marker in a few weeks. It’s been a richly fulfilling second career. It’s been fun. (laughs)

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