Gone Fishing!


Metaphorically speaking, of course. I’ve spent the better part of a year, neglecting Winnowing Fan and researching into the comparative teaching of diplomacy by academics and practitioners in the United States. I presented my findings at the British International Studies Association Conference in Dublin in June. Entitled, A Fine Kettle of Fish, here is the paper’s abstract:

This paper examines the teaching of diplomacy in the United States through a review of over five-dozen syllabi and lengthy interviews of many of their authors. By intentionally seeking out both academics and practitioners teaching diplomacy, including public diplomacy, to compare their choices in content and pedagogy, I find patterns of difference that exceed those expected by a close reading of the theory and practice “gap” literature. What the two distinct epistemic communities teach in terms of skills and procedures as well as the beliefs that inform them, the values that sustain them and the theories that lie behind them differ significantly. Drawing on the author’s three decades of diplomatic practice followed by eighteen years teaching at the college level, this paper attempts to explain why that might be the case.


This study is a work in progress and reader feedback is welcome.

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